VIEW OF THE CITY: Bergen seen from Ulriken
VIEW OF THE CITY: Bergen seen from Ulriken
Bilde: Ann-Kristin Loodtz

New in Bergen?

Are you new in or planning to move to Bergen? Here you can find shortcuts to relevant services in the City of Bergen.


Links to Norwegian sites

The links below mainly take you to Norwegian sites, but you can use Google translate to translate the information you need.


Two children playing on the floor
LIFE AT KINDERGARTEN: There are 236 kindergartens in the City of Bergen.
Bilde: Vibeke Blich

Schools, Out of School Clubs (SFO) and Education


Health care worker and elderly person in nursing home
HEALTH CARE SERVICES: The large number of health care employees follow citizens throughout their lives - from child clinic to nursing home.
Bilde: Andrew Buller

Social Services


From the children’s department at Loddefjord Library.
BOROUGH LIBRARIES: Bergen Public Library has departments in many boroughs. This is the children’s department at Loddefjord Library.
Bilde: Andrew Buller

Sports and outdoor recreation

View from Sandvikspilen
THE CITY MOUNTAINS: Stoltzekleiven is a natural training area for many people from Bergen. The reward is the stunning view from Sandvikspilen.
Bilde: Vibeke Blich


Housing, water, waste disposal and electricity

Buildings in Fjellsiden.
Bergen has many kinds of living environment. Here you see the buildings in Fjellsiden.
Bilde: Nina Blågestad

Vehicles and public transport

The City Rain in the city centre
BERGEN LIGHT RAIL: Today’s Line 1 runs between Flesland Airport and the city centre.
Bilde: Ann-Kristin Loodtz

For foreigners

Useful overview of the City of Bergen

Swans in Lille Lungegårdsvann.
Swans overwintering in Lille Lungegårdsvann.
Bilde: Nina Blågestad

More useful links

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

 If you require more information, you are welcome to contact the  Innbyggerservice (Citizen Service Centre) in Kaigaten 4, on telephone no. 5556 5556 or by e-mail:

An employee at Innbyggerservice (Citizens Service Centre)
WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU: The employees at Innbyggerservice (Citizens Service Centre) can help you navigate through the municipality’s services and programmes.
Bilde: Ann-Kristin Loodtz


Spring time at Lille Lungegårdsvann
THE CITY AT ITS MOST BEAUTIFUL: All seasons have their charm, but spring in Bergen is like no other. Welcome!
Bilde: Ann-Kristin Loodtz